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Besides everyday items like pots and pans, a good deal of Sedaris's personal effects included her own clothing, much of it designed by her friend Adam Selman—a brave choice given the nature of the show, which is a take on the '60s and '70s cooking and crafting shows that preceded Martha Stewart.

And while Stewart specifically was never one of Sedaris's influences, is essentially Martha Stewart gone mad—and much, much messier.

I always liked in school when they’d show you portion sizes, and they’d have a nice half a cup of green beans that would be army green and rubbery, and you’re just like, Oh, that’s so beautiful.

The best parts of the show are when you're clearly messing up with whatever craft or food you're tackling, and you just keep going.

Sometimes people will try to buy me fake food, and I’m like, "You’re so off the mark." Mine is like old plaster, hand-painted, beautiful, neat.

I go to flea markets now, but when I moved to New York, there was that plastics store on Canal [Street], which is no longer there, and I got a really nice turkey.

The fanciest thing I have is something that frenches beans, and I’ve been using that since the ‘70s.

"It was important for me to have a lot of my own things around me, so I brought a lot of my stuff to set," Sedaris said on Monday of the studio where she's hosted guests from Stephen Colbert to Paul Giamatti.Then I look at my horoscope, and then I look at headlines. But I was like, I can't imagine who that would be. You know, Tom Petty died, and I didn’t know anything about Tom Petty, so I'm reading a book on Tom Petty.And I'm reading my brother’s diaries [David Sedaris's .When you were growing up absorbed in these types of shows, did you realize how much people had to pretend to make things look perfect on-screen?

Yeah, in the old shows sometimes you’d see their mess-ups.

I've been watching What’s the last movie you saw in theaters?