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28-Feb-2018 06:31

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"My research indicates that spruces have spent winters in places west or southwest of Norway where the climate was not as harsh in order to later quickly spread northerly along the ice-free coastal strip," says Leif Kullman.

This doesn't even consider the host of muscles and nerve connections required for true legs or arms.

Somehow, a fish would have to acquire a host of new, functioning genes to become an amphibian, a process unknown to science.

Random mutations are the only proposed source, but these have never been observed to add useful genes to any genome.

But what about tadpoles, which live in the water and have no legs, which change into land-dwelling frogs with legs? They may superficially look somewhat like a guppy, but they are the offspring of fully functioning frogs, complete with all the genes for legs and the structures needed to use them.

The ability of spruces to survive harsh conditions also presents other questions for researchers.

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