Defining and validating high level design metrics

29-Aug-2017 12:00

DESCRIPTION: High-level design is the transitional step between WHAT [requirements for sub-systems] the system does, and HOW [architecture and interfaces] the system will be implemented to meet the system requirements.

This process includes the decomposition of system requirements into alternative project architectures and then the evaluation of these project architectures for optimum performance, functionality, cost, and other issues [technical and non-technical].

Which activities are critical for the system’s owner to do? [Tailoring] The level of each activity should be appropriately scaled to the size and budget of the project.

defining and validating high level design metrics-24

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Finally, allocating these sub-functions to the physical elements of the system will form the complete project architecture.Sub-systems may be needed for a the following reasons: 1] The development or procurement of system elements separately.