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28-Aug-2017 04:34

When I was about 15 I had my first experience with a guy and thought nothing of it. I recently read Bonnie Kaye’s book ‘Over the cliff’ (2009), I found myself angry, saddened, horrified, gob-smacked and but mainly angry. When I was I my late teens and early 20s I had some encounters with men. When I was around 2 - 3 years old, I was sexually abused by my Nanny's son. As a young man all I wanted was to have a normal loving family, wife, kids, dog, semi-d, basically, a normal and uneventful life.If you read nothing more of what I have to say here, just take 2 things; 1) Your sexual orientation is nothing you have to apologise for... I have been married for 25 years to the woman I fell in love with at first sight, to my best friend. Great kids who idolize me…I am the cool dad that “relates” to them and their likes. I enjoyed the experiences, but still struggled with admitting my true orientation. I've been married for 21years, have a beautiful daughter and a very caring wife. I have found no direct relation to him being gay but I don't really know for sure what to look for. That experience changed me as a person, and made me grow up faster and mature up a lot quicker. As a teenager I had a number of small crushes on other guys, nothing special. I have been seeing a married man for about two years now.

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I had a few male sexual experiences in my late teens, and very much enjoyed them. About a week later we went out to a local gay bar and I went home with him and s-(ked and had sex with him that night. Well, here is my story to add to all the others here.

One of the best or worst parts about the Internet is that it makes you realize you are not alone. the think is i was about 16 and a friend of mine told me that i should start to date girls so people... Now I will tell you about my 1st time and then my 2nd time... I started getting same sexual attraction from certain point of time and got confused if im Gay. These last couple years the feeling in me have deepened, the weight on my... I’ve been reasonably happy in my married life but I’ve always felt the need for a physical connection with another guy to complete the picture.

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