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Over the knee he goes for a hand spanking on trousers.These are soon off and sirs hand goes to a faster pace but its not long till his briefs come off so sir can get his full attention on his bare bottom! Roman's Student spanking was such a success that he's back for more!Student Spankings Featuring David Its the last day of term. The last thing he needs is an unruly boy-but he gets one!He Begins with a traditional over the knee spanking starting on trousers then underwear then bare.Erik is a fine figure of a young man and loves to play around with the girls as well as the boys!What the team coach doesn't find funny is Erik's lack of concentration in the pool!

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The football match is well under way and new rules stipulate that if a player gets a red card he automatically gets sent back to the dressing room to be administered a good over the knee spanking which must be administered by the club manager. Stuart complies with his teachers wish for him to go over his knee not only for the punishment but to give him a sense of humiliation which hopefully will encourage him to be a better student in future.His school has a system of demerits and he has slowly been building up quite a few!Dan has a choice of going either going over the headmasters knee or a week of detention so he decides to get it over with and get a spanked bottom-its either that or not training for the big rugby match! A fantasy for a lot of spankers must be to spank twins!This time he's over the knee of spank expert JB Spanks.

Starting with hand spanking on jeans then underwear then bare.To round of his punishment this naughty boy's bottom gets 20 with sirs size 14 slipper!

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