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20-Sep-2017 01:39

would hop aboard that train with their Margot Robbie/Poison Ivy vehicle.One can very reasonably assume that Robbie would be on board, as she has shown herself in past films and interviews to be tired of and disgusted by Hollywood’s traditional (and rather cliche) “damsel in distress” stereotype.In an attempt to continue the trend, movie buffs recently started an online petition for Captain America to appear as gay is his next film.Obviously, depictions of campiness and non-traditional sexual orientation is a major selling point in today’s movie industry — especially when concerning superhero flicks — so it only makes sense that Warner Bros.And speaking of Miu Miu, the campaign for the brand’s Scenique sunglasses just got a new spokeswoman …

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spinoff starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn ever since it was confirmed by Warner Bros.

The airline lost her luggage along the way, so she had to buy brand new outfits just before the audition.