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13-Dec-2017 17:41

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A book club in Seattle started 26 years ago by a group of women to celebrate African American writers is not only still going strong, the members just published their own book.

Book Club Seattle is composed of everyday women, all college educated, who have faced many of life ups and downs together.

They spent years perfecting and trying to publish their manuscript, then decided they would publish it on their own.

Eighteen years later, their award-winning book is on shelves at one their favorite stores, "Elliott Bay Books," and available on Amazon.

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Bookish-themed festivities flourished in 2014 and show no signs of ending.

Some of these women are now in their 60s, retired from the boardroom or the classroom, with grown children and grandchildren.

They have shared decades of one another's challenges, joys, heartaches, laughter, and tears.

Susan started our book club by having us brainstorm the words and phrases that come to mind first when we picture a healthy relationship. Next, Susan discussed potential warning signs of unhealthy and abusive relationships.

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These included: Susan emphasized that unhealthy and abusive relationships are about power and control.We also talked about what might have caused the “ancient grudge” between the Montagues and the Capulets that fuels much of the story’s plot.